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Caring Transitions of Charlottesville, VA Provides Online Auction Services through CT Bids

Running your online auction can be made simple through CT Bids in Charlottesville, VA and the surrounding areas

Receiving the best online auction services starts with contacting one of the leading providers in the country. Caring Transitions offers clients the ability to sell their belongings through a unique online application, so they don’t have to plan a traditional estate sale. Consider sitting down with us for a free consultation and learn how our online auction services can work for you and your loved ones. 

Let’s talk about what CT Bids is.

CT Bids is an entire auction, but online! Our exclusive application allows us to photograph, describe, and sell off you and your loved ones' items over the internet, which can be extremely beneficial to those who just do not have the time to host an estate sale. 

You might be wondering how it works.

Don’t worry, with CT bids you’re in complete control of how your items are sold and you’re provided with a few different ways for selling them like: 

  • Auction: You’ll list your item for sale at a price you set and like any other auction bidders will work against each other until there is a winning bid for the item. 
  • Fixed Price: You can determine a set price to sell your item for and there will be no bidding allowed. The first buyer gets the item. 
  • Classified Ads: You can upload the entire description, images, price and shipping cost of your item for display on a classified ad that is much more viewable to the user. Once the item sells the ad will have to be disabled by the seller.
  • Buy Now: Just like with Fixed Price, these items are given a set price and no bidding is allowed. First come first serve. 
  • Reserve: If you’re interested in allowing an array of bidders for an item but you’re concerned about the ultimate sale price, you can use the reserve to set the smallest dollar amount you’ll accept for the item. The buyers never see this dollar amount, and at the end of the sale, if that reserve price you set wasn’t met you can decide if you want to reconsider the reserve price or hand off to the highest bidder. 

You can contact Caring Transitions today to learn more about CT Bids at (434) 234-9799 or through our website. We look forward to showing you how our online auctions can help make your life much easier.